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In each of the below case studies Horizon Connect recognized the crucial focus needed for a company to leverage the conversation among top brand influencers. Regardless of your current activities in the social media sphere, or the size of your company, there are profitable opportunities for social media expansion.

We can identify key focus areas to enhance your presence and get you connected with your most important communities. The end result is a comprehensive social media campaign that ties together a brand, conversations, and a sales message.

Case Study: Cryo-Cell International

Successfully leveraging headline news to garner national attention and influence public opinion

Long-standing Horizon Marketing client Cryo-Cell International is a leader in cryopreservation of umbilical cord (U-Cord®) stem cells for family use. Horizon's ePR team successfully harnessed the power of international news headlines to expand Cryo-Cell's reputation for thought leadership and innovation in the stem cell arena at large.


On March 9, 2009, the White House announced President Obama's executive order reversing the ban on embryonic stem cell research. While Cryo-Cell is not involved specifically in controversial embryonic stem cell research, the company nonetheless is very knowledgeable about the stem cell arena and the implications of the executive order.

With this in mind, Horizon Marketing Group catapulted Cryo-Cell International into the conversation as a thought-leader, while keeping the company and its representatives safe from controversy. Within one week of the executive order, while the topic was still in the headlines, Horizon Marketing Group distributed a news release featuring comments from "industry insider" Mercedes Walton, Cryo-Cell's CEO.

Ms. Walton was a valuable, credible resource to the media, because she offered the unique combination of expertise without the perceived bias of political activist or embryonic stem cell researcher.


The press release reached an estimated audience of more than 151,000,000 (million). Momentum continued to grow around this piece of content. Just three weeks after Horizon's news release, Cryo-Cell International was highlighted by a well-known financial website. In an April 13 article, Allpennystocks.com, a well-developed and recognized financial site among the investment community, recognized Cryo-Cell as a leader in the field of research for the use of umbilical cord blood to fight many diseases. The site lauded Cryo-Cell International as one of two stocks with "a bright future" and tied their opinions directly back to the President's recent executive order. Although many companies offer the same services as Cryo-Cell, by tying them to the dialog surrounding stem cell research, Horizon was able to differentiate Cryo-Cell as both a thought leader and sound financial investment.

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Horizon Connect is excited to be working with the Fresh Breeze brand team to develop and launch a new Facebook page.

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